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“We have known Wade Reeves most of his life. He has remolded houses and an apartment for us. He has worked on our vehicles. Whatever he has done for us he has done well. Wade is a very hard worker. He wears many hats. He is a very capable man.”

Sandra Dumford

“I have hired and used Wade Reeves for numerous services. From grass cutting to tree removal/stump grinding, Bobcat work, and even car repair, he can do it all, fast, at a good price and is reliable and on time. I will definitely call him and use him again.”

Brian Switzer

“Wade has done several jobs for us over the years. He puts his heart into his work. And his prices are reasonable.”

Don Tindle Quality Renovations Plus, LLC

“You did a really good job today. Thank you for getting it done!”

Midwest Properties